Australian Visa for Thai fiancée

This is the Australian Visa for Thai process. Also known as the Prospective Marriage Visa (Subclass 300), the Australian fiancée visa allows an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to bring his fiancée from Thailand to Australia and get married within the visa’s nine month validity period. The main purpose of applying for this type of visa is to bring your fiancée to Australia, marry and live with her as husband and wife.

Australian Visa for Thai

Australian Visa for Thai fiancée

The aim to get married must be genuine, as well as living together as husband and wife. This is an application solely for those whose intention is to marry the fiancée. The applicant should also be sponsored by an eligible sponsor, which means that the sponsor should be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident who would undertake obligations as a sponsor. Tourist visa holders cannot be able to act as sponsor for this type of visa.

The applicant and the Australian sponsor should be able to marry under Australian law. Both should be 18 years old or older. If one of the parties is 16 or 17 years of age, an Australian court order should be obtained allowing him or her to marry his or her intended spouse. Applicant should be of opposite sex to the intended spouse, as same sex marriage is not eligible for the visa.

Australian Visa Requirements

  • Spouse visa Australia checklist –  Check with your attorney about this as there are requirements for the visa.
  • What are the requirements for spouse visa in Australia – There are a list of requirements for the visa such as medical and police clearance.
  • Spouse visa Australia cost – Speak to an immigration lawyer about the cost of the visa.
  • Spouse visa Australia processing time – 11 months – 15 months

With the Australian fiancée visa from Thailand. The Thai fiancée should enter Australia prior to the marriage with the Australian citizen. The applicant may leave Australia anytime and re-enter as many times. This before the visa duration expires, which is nine months from the date it was granted. The Thai fiancée can get employment in Australia and can apply for an Australian Spouse visa after getting married to the Australian citizen.

She can also get education in Australia, but cannot have access to government funding. The Thai fiancée may use Australia’s medical expenses and hospital care assistance or Medicare. This but only if both of them are in Australia and have done applying for the Australian Spouse Visa. They must plan a date of marriage, with this, the permanent visa be applied after marriage has been completed.

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