Child Maintenance

Child maintenance in Thailand is explained. This would normally be the first order of the court all be it an interim order and more likely than not they will also grant a temporary order for spousal support during the open applications. These would be temporary order which may become permanent orders later at the end of the divorce. Child maintenance or child alimony in Thailand can get a bit tricky when you are a foreigner.

Child Maintenance

There are two instances where this occurs. Normally during a divorce or after child legitimization in Thailand. In both instances the courts will look at what each parent is able to provide and make a ruling on this. You can also opt for mediation if both parties are reasonable. The cost of litigation in these matters can be costly and mediation in Thailand can be tried even if it fails.


How the payment is effected is normally that once the foreigner has left Thailand and gone back to his home country that there will be a bank account opened and the ex-wife or the legal guardian of the child in Thailand would be able to draw money at the local ATM machine in Thailand.

The other option is once a year however these have always created issues and disputes where the woman would simply use all the money in one month or the father would simply not pay anything and there would be no recourse in these circumstances unless she briefed a law firm in the area where he lives overseas to enforce the agreement or court order.

How much Child Maintenance

The simple answer is how long is a piece of string? This is going to depend on what the parties can agree on. As seen on the spousal support where no order is granted the women tend to want to roll the spousal support into the child maintenance payments. This as was stated before was no uncommon. Issues do arise with these are many times nobody has made specific reference to what it should be used for.

Giving more money does not mean that the child is going to go to a private or semi-private school. This comes down to what type of person you are dealing with. Also which rules need to be set where there is direct payment. Let me give an example of John who had a child in Thailand with someone from the lower classes. They agreed to 20,000 THB per month (Which is a nice sum in Thailand) however when visiting Thailand, he noted that his son went to a government school and lived with his grandmother. Most of the child maintenance had been spent on drink and frivolities by his mother.

The problem was that he could have had his son enrolled in a semi-private school. This and paid the school directly each year while giving a far lesser amount of cash to the mother. These are things to consider when looking at child maintenance.

Always speak to a family lawyer in Thailand when you are considering child legitimization as well as divorce.

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