Divorce in Thailand

Lets see the divorce in Thailand process. Getting divorced is not an easy process, whichever part of the world you might be. It is a hazardous process both emotionally and financially. However, a divorce in Thailand can be completed by undergoing an easy process if the couple involved has enough knowledge and understanding regarding their options. Most couples have little to no knowledge about the process of divorce, and probably are hesitant about the separation or are still in an emotional heartache without bothering to know about the consequences of the process.

Divorce AgreementsDivorce in Thailand

This will lead to decisions that will cause damage to both of them, and also the lives of their children. First, it is necessary to know that there are two types of divorce processes in Thailand. These are the: Divorce by mutual consent (uncontested) and the contested divorce. A mutually consented divorce in Thailand is the type of divorce where both the husband and the wife agrees and consents on all the existing concerns regarding properties and the children.

The process is usually done at the local district office. Wherein two witnesses are needed to sign the agreement which is made in written form. The couple are required to show proof of marriage to the lawyer at the district office. Aside from the marriage certificate, proof of being a resident of Thailand should be presented, such as the Thai national ID card or Passport. The whole process can be done in one day. This and the district office will then issue a divorce certificate to the parties involved. It is necessary that the foreign party is accompanied by a translator so it would be understood completely until divorce is processed and done. Note that for an Islamic divorce in Thailand the process is different.

Contested Divorce

A contested divorce in Thailand basically needs the applicant of the divorce to show legal grounds to divorce. It is highly recommended to have a divorce lawyer in Thailand to assist and give advice regarding the case proceedings. If a settlement seems impossible, then the case will be filed in court. The applicant must prove in court. That he or she has a ground for divorce which is in accordance in Thai law. This is a lengthy process and time consuming. Thus, it requires you to hire a family lawyer in Thailand to know specific grounds for you to be successful on your claims for divorce.

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