Property Problems

There are some common property problems in Thailand. Most of these problems are mainly due to the fact that the buyer had done his due diligence before buying the property. Most of these problems can be avoided if the buyer had done their homework. These are some of the most common problems in Thailand. Speak to a lawyer in Bangkok for assistance.

Property was not checked

Property ProblemsYou always need to check the property to see if the property has been built on a flood plain. Bangkok gets many of these problems each year and Pattaya has become a new common flooding problems as many more property developments in Pattaya are developed on the existing infrastructure.

You will need to ask about this. Traffic is another problem as there will be a noise problem from the road. Some might buy for the view but only once moving in do they notice the pollution and noise from the street when they sit on their patio. The ringing of bells in Thailand for Buddhists as well as the morning prayer for Islam can also be something which you did not notice as these occur early in the morning when you had not been to view the property.

Location and Zoning

You did not check the zoning in the area and now a weekend market is being built or worst and industrial estate is being built close to your building. These are things which should have been on the checklist. Maybe a taller building is being built in front of your building and you lose your seaview. Do you know what types of building restrictions there are in front of your building? You need to do a due diligence report of the property before you buy it and also ask the attorney if there will be a problem with your view. This has occurred before in Pattaya where a view was blocked and ended in a very lengthy court case. See other topics such as buying property in Pattaya as well as buying property in Bangkok.

Quality Materials

So now that you have moved in you discover that all your water pipes are made of PVC as is common in Thailand and not copper as you would expect at home. PVC water pipes tend to burst after a few years when the side of the building gets the full sun. PVC does not hold up very well where the concrete will expand and contract each day. Do you know what type of pipes are being used in the development? What is the quality of the tiles on the walls and floors. This or for that matter what is the quality of the kitchen oven and stove? These are things you are going to need to know.

Wrong Sizes

This is more common than you think. Do the property measurements include or exclude the walls? In other words, is the measurements of your rooms the internal measurements or not.  This can occur when buying a house in Thailand. Always have an attorney check this for you.

Buying property can be a difficult in Thailand. You can make use of property lawyer in Thailand or you can try this by yourself however if you have an issue with losing your investment then you can do this by yourself.

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