Spousal Support

When getting divorced in Thailand the issues of spousal support does arise. Mediation can normally stem any of these problems in a cost effective manner short of a court order which will cost money on something which can be easily resolved most times. You can negotiate a temporary agreement for spousal support if your wife is a house wife and the children’s schooling needs to be paid.

Spousal Support

There are a number of orders which the court can grant in the case of spousal support

Temporary Spousal Support can be negotiated beforehand or it could take up the first session in a divorce as it is a matter of urgency. Your ex-wife still needs to pay the bills even when you don’t live there. The court can make a temporary order for this or you can simply negotiate this before the court hearings start. It does take a while to get their as the courts especially the family courts in Thailand are clogged. This can also be made a permanent order of the court. This is not uncommon in Thailand and you can expect a temporary order to be made for this.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

There is also Rehabilitative Spousal Support which is defined as spousal support. This is very common in the middle class in Thailand or with foreigners who married into the middle class. Your ex-wife might have been a house wife and now needing to work she will need a certain level of education in order to enter the job market again. It’s not uncommon for the husband to agree to paying her university fees as part of the settlement with a monthly support payment until she qualifies or graduates. Most tend to pay the money directly to the university while the monthly support is paid into a bank account each month. Again, not uncommon in middle class Thailand.

Permanent Spousal Support

There can also be Permanent Spousal Support where your ex-wife is clearly not going to enter the job market again. This because of her advanced age or other factors such as a disability. The courts will make a ruling on this depending on the circumstances. This does occur however it is not as common as what you would expect. Most times this is due to the age of the person and what their net financial values are. Most times they will roll this into the child maintenance which is paid each month.  It would not be uncommon where there is no ruling on spousal support to see the child maintenance request going up a bit.

Reimbursement Spousal Support

The last level you don’t find much in Thailand. This being Reimbursement Spousal Support where you reimburse your Thai wife for funding your education or business. This is not heard of much however the rehabilitative support as stated is common amongst middle class Thai women. This as part of a divorce settlement or part of the divorce agreement.

Always speak to a lawyer in Thailand before you start divorce proceedings as child custody and child alimony as also major issues outside of property disputes or spousal support.

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