Thai Marriage Registration

Thai Marriage entails. See what Marriage in Thailand is a very simple process for foreigners, but one has to go through a few steps in acquiring important documents from the Embassy, have it translated and certified. The marriage itself will be accomplished at the local District Office and completed according to Thai law.

Thai Marriage RegistrationThai Marriage Registration

To be able to register a marriage in Thailand, one must produce an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from the local Embassy in Thailand. This document can only be requested from your respective embassy in Thailand. A template provided by the Embassy should be used in filling out all the details needed. Your copy should be taken to the embassy and be signed by the consular official. Some embassies have their standard templates which you can easily obtain online and for some you can obtain it at the embassy only. The document should be translated into Thai, and the translation must be certified as a usable Thai document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Also, an additional passport certification is currently required. Always take advice from a Thai lawyer.

Once all the documents are gathered and legalized, everything will be submitted to the registrar at the local district office, and the marriage will be officially registered. A Thai Marriage Certificate will then be issued. This process needs no appointment, but the senior official is required to register a marriage when foreigners are involved, that is why it is highly recommended to make sure that the official is readily available to perform the marriage registration.

Requirements for Marriage Registration in Thailand:

  • Passport of both parties who wish to get married
  • Affirmation Letter of Freedom to Marry from the Embassy, original and certified translation 2 copies of both and passport certification
  • Thai ID
  • Fiancée’s house log (Tabien Baan)
  • Two witnesses, can be provided by the Amphur with small fee

Obtaining all these documents can be done by an agent or a lawyer. This depending on your finances, although there is nothing that cannot be done by yourself. It may require a lot of work though, from the embassy until the date of registration.

Thai marriage registration under Thai Law shall be recognised in most countries. Authentication from your embassy may also recommended, to be able to use it as legal document in your home country. You can now obtain a Thai marriage visa at the local Thai Embassy in your country. Then extend it at Thai immigration.

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