UK Tourist Visa in Thailand

See the UK Tourist Visa in Thailand explained here. The British visitor visa or a UK visa for your Thai girlfriend is considered as the most common single route for those travelling to the UK for tourism, visiting family and friends or business related concerns. It is necessary for Thai nationals to acquire entry clearance for travel in the UK. A UK Tourist Visa in Thailand can be obtained for a visit of six months duration to the United Kingdom. The VFS UK Visa application center in Bangkok is in charge for the applications for all visa types and is officially authorized by the UK Visa and Immigration.

UK Tourist Visa in Thailand

Qualifications for UK Tourist Visa Application in Thailand:

Applicant should show that he or she is genuinely seeking to enter the UK for just a limited period of time as stated in the application;

Also the applicant should show that he or she is not using the visitor visa for extended stays in living in the UK by using multiple successive visits and visa extensions;

Applicant should show that he or she will not be working in the UK for remuneration or voluntary employment;

Applicant should show that he or she will not produce, provide or sell goods and services to the public;

If applicant is attending an educational course in the UK, it should not be the main purpose of the visit and should not exceed 30 days;

Applicant should have enough funds to support himself or herself on the duration of his or her visit in the UK, without the need of public funds or employment. If the applicant is staying with relatives or friends in the UK, they have to present a statement regarding their legality in the UK and the intent to provide for the accommodation of the visa applicant;

Applicant should be able to show. That he or she has the means to leave the UK at the end of his or her stay;

Eligibility requirements for the UK Tourist Visa in Thailand. This is that the applicant should be a Thai national. This or a foreigner holding a residence status in Thailand (Non-Immigrant Visa or Work permit). See also : UK visa for Thai spouse

UK Tourist Visa in Thailand Requirements:

  • Purpose to visit the UK for a period of six months;
  • Purpose to leave the UK after the end of the visit;
  • Also proof of financial capability to meet the cost of the return or onward travel from the UK;
  • Proof of sufficient funds to maintain and accommodate self in the UK;
  • Proof of strong ties to Thailand or valid reasons of coming back to Thailand;

For sponsorship, you will need a Letter of invitation and a Letter of sponsorship from a UK citizen. This or a UK permanent resident; Proof of stable employment by the sponsor and other supporting documents needed for the visa application.

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