US Fiancée Visa from Thailand

This is the US Tourist Visa process. A K-1 visa or the US Fiancée Visa from Thailand is required to be able to bring your Thai fiancée to the US. Fiancée by definition under K-1 visa is a person who is engaged to be married. Such marriage should be legally distinct under US laws. One of the requirements (TB Test, Income Requirements) to obtain a US Fiancée Visa is that both parties should have met personally within the past two years.

US Fiancée Visa from Thailand

US Fiancée Visa from ThailandHowever, Homeland Security gives out considerations to certain cultures and traditions which prohibit the couple to see each other prior to the wedding ceremony. The US Fiancée Visa in Thailand application process starts off with the filing of the I-129F Form which is also known as the Petition for Alien Fiancée at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.

The petition cannot be applied at an Embassy overseas. This unless the Petitioner is currently residing in that country, which may not be applicable to all. Once approved, the petition will then be sent to the National Visa Center. From there, they will process the petition and send it to the US Embassy in Bangkok. In Thailand where your Thai fiancée can complete the US Fiancée Visa application. See also the US tourist visa on here.

The Petition for Alien Fiancée will only be valid for four months after its approval by the USCIS. If there be any reason that you cannot complete the process within the given time period. The US Embassy may be able to extend the duration for you. It is highly recommended to hire the assistance of a Thai lawyer. To help you with all the needed documents and do the whole process.

After the Thai fiancée enters the US. You will have 90 days to get married. Wherein afterwards the Thai wife. Will then be able to file for the adjustment of her visa status to US Permanent Resident. The K-1 visa is a single entry visa, so if your Thai fiancée plans to leave the US prior to the marriage, she will not be able to enter the US again using the same K-1 visa.

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